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Privacy Policy

The Cray Crays does not share, sell, or rent your personal information. Our products and service is directed for the purchase by adults only. We may only need to provide certain information such as email, name, shipping or billing address to certain content providers in connection with your order. The Cray Crays respects and protects your personal information and will not share unauthorized information to unlawful third parties.

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About Author

 Adama Wiggan is a Miami resident with a Jamaican back ground. This writer, poet, and model came up with the concept for The Cray Crays after browsing a book store and noticed most books that taught colors were pretty basic. With her love for children and words, she wanted to create a story where kids could identify with the characters and enjoy the rhythmic flow. “I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, now I want children to grow up reading Aunty Dama books.” Adama has embraced her gift and will continue to spark the interest of children while making reading fun. 

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