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Entering 2017 Cray Crays style.

Post 01 February 2017 By In Crays Blog
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It has been a few years since The Cray Crays participated in any activities. The reason being, was preparing for right now! January started off on the right track as we visited A to Z daycare center in Brooklyn, NY on the 27th. It was a great turn out and the children enjoyed the story. It tickles me whenever I interact with them, asking questions related to the story and the responses they give me are so unpredictable, yet so authentic. For example at the end of the story they discover why Whitney White was sad. When I asked them if they will start using the white crayon from now on when they color, some of them still said no. I couldn't help but to laugh because at the same time they were just being honest. How many of us ignored the white crayon growing up? I know I did. Overall I was pleased with the feedback from the children and teachers. The Cray Crays are back and ready to promote literacy! I hope you'll join us on this amazing journey.

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 Adama Wiggan is a Miami resident with a Jamaican back ground. This writer, poet, and model came up with the concept for The Cray Crays after browsing a book store and noticed most books that taught colors were pretty basic. With her love for children and words, she wanted to create a story where kids could identify with the characters and enjoy the rhythmic flow. “I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, now I want children to grow up reading Aunty Dama books.” Adama has embraced her gift and will continue to spark the interest of children while making reading fun. 

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